Um navigat°r deildina


"To navigate is necessary, to live is notö.Those were the commanding orders by Roman military leader Pompey the Great, when defending Rome from invasion.

To the Faroese these words are easily met with sympathy, which is attributed to our long sailing traditions challenging the sea. The Faroes have always been a seafaring nation, a tradition which is set to continue.

In the late 19th century nautical schools were established in different parts of the country. Throughout the early 20th century, all of the Faroe Islandsĺ nautical schools were privately funded; some closed rather suddenly while others were able to continue despite a marked lack of resources. The tuition was divided into monthly instalments of 20 DKK. The first school was established by Jens Mohr in Tˇrshavn. The teaching most likely took place in Mohrĺs private household. It had two entry ways, and one must have led to the classroom. 


                                                                                                                   Source: Sigling og ˙tb˙gving. Ëli Olsen