E-learning course in Maritime Legislation
Vinnuhßsk˙lin can now provide an e-learning course in
Maritime Legislation.
This course will be held over the internett ,which means that the participant can be located anywhere in the world. One of several advantages in this method of conducting the course is that the participant can work while studying.
When you have passed the examination, you will get a diploma that fulfils the requirements in legislation for vessels registered in the Faroese Shipping Register. Vinnuhßsk˙lin, the centre of maritime study and engineering will issue a diploma when you have paid the fee.


If you wish to atted the course you have to follow the procedure below:


Push on the link, "if you wish to attend the course" and fill in the given formula.
Fill in the name of the participant, last name, date of birth and e-mail adress. Push send to send the information to the instructor and the school.
When we have received your application from your company that you wish to attend the course you will be forwarded the relevant study material. During the test you can have the studied material as a supplement to solve the questions.
When ready to start the examination, you will be provided with a login-word and a pass-word about 5 minutes before the test is scheduled.


The examination is made up of 57 questions that cover the law and other relevant study material such as Safety at Sea, CSR files, Special Identification Numbers, Bunker Certificate and Prevention of Marine Pollution. In order to pass the test, the participant has to answer 2/3 or 66% of the questions correctly. This has to be completed within an hour.
The participant will receive an answer immediately after finishing the test.
If you wish to know more about the course, please e-mail the instructor Jan M. Hjaltalin.
The price of the course is Dkk 3.500,- or EUR 465,-
The amount to be transferred to :
BankNORDIK, Faroe Island, 6460 - 174.642.3
Iban: FO0664600001746423
When transfering the course fee, please remember to inform us of your company┤s name.